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Supported by the EFAS Research Committee the EFAS Research Foundation enables research and scientific work of EFAS and Foot & Ankle area, including all sub-areas of Foot & Ankle, as basic science, biomechanics, epidemiology, clinics, surgery, outcome, radiology, and others.

Submitted grant applications are evaluated by the EFAS Research Committee on a professional scientific way: blinded peer review, evaluation of methods and significance, level of importance.

The EFAS Research Foundation provides further research support by giving the “EFAS Research Award - for Clinical and Basic Science” at EFAS annual conference. This award is also managed on a highly scientific manner by the EFAS Research Committee.

The EFAS Research Foundation is also active in providing means for important EFAS research projects, as scores, registers, and other research projects.


Supported by the EFAS Education and Scientific Committee the EFAS Research Foundation provides support for all conferences, courses, fellowships, and skill labs of EFAS.

The EFAS Research Foundation provides not only means for education of the EFAS members but also of all orthopaedic surgeons, residents, scientists, and all professions dealing with Foot&Ankle.

Further the EFAS Research Foundation does support the EFAS scientific journal: Foot Ankle Surgery

Humanitarian Activities

The EFAS Research Foundation supports financially and with volunteer work of EFAS and EFAS members all kind of humanitarian activities for improvement of Foot & Ankle treatment and teaching around the globe.