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Obituary Pau Golano

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Pau Golano

Dear Friends

On July 23rd Pau Golano passed away. This terrible news has had a great impact upon us, not only because it was so unexpected, but also for his youth. He was only 49 years old.

Those who knew or dealt with Pau personally, knew his passion for teaching. Having developed his career in the Department of Anatomy at the University of Barcelona, he was a perfectionist in his work and his exceptional dissection skills amazed all of us.

His scientific activity was mainly directed at orthopedic surgeons and one could surely say he was an anatomist who was closely connected with our specialty. His collaboration in our Courses and Conferences was constant.

His works of Surgical Anatomy are known to all. Of special note are those in the field of Arthroscopic Anatomy - remember his magnificent description of the anatomy of the posterior aspect of the ankle, and studies on the anatomy of the foot, which formed the basis for the development of percutaneous surgery. These works are collected in the excellent book that he published with Mariano de Prado in 2009.

By observing his anatomical preparations we can see that, in addition to being a scientist, he was also an artist who knew how to convey in images everything that the orthopedic surgeon wanted to know.

Given the proximity of his death it is difficult objectively to assess what his scientific work represented for us all, but I am sure that he will go down in history as one of the great anatomists of the past decades.

Beyond his scientific work, on a personal level he was an open and friendly person, a great friend to his friends and always willing to help. I will always remember his collegiality when I started working in the Department of Anatomy, lending me his anatomical images so I could perform my Biomechanics classes.

On behalf of EFAS I wish to express to his partner Celine, his mother and brothers, our deepest condolences on his passing. We always have the consolation of thinking that no one truly dies while they remain in the memory of those who have lived alongside them.

Antonio Viladot