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Upcoming Cadaver Courses

EFAS, under the leadership of its Specimen Committee, organises each year 4 to 5 Cadaver Course, designed for orthopaedic surgeons with the motivation to learn differents aspects of foot and ankle pathologies, and improve their skills in foot and ankle surgical techniques. in 2 categories:

Basic course: This course covers the main topics and basic surgical techniques in foot and ankle such as Hallux Valgus surgery, Hallux rigidus surgery, Ankle instability, Metatarsalgia, Hindfoot arthrodesis.  Each topic starts with a short theorical presentation, followed by a demonstration from the faculty and ends with 40 minutes of practical work on foot foot by participants.

Advanced course:    This course covers more advanced topics, such as arthroscopic techniques and sport lesions in foot an ankle,  degenerative articular lesions in foot and ankle, flat foot and DTP and complications of this pathology, Ankle arthroplasty and their complications. The approach in 3 phases - theorical presentation, faculty demonstration, and practical work - is similar to basic course. 

The participants work with fresh cadaver specimens, all tested and with all safety guarantees.


7-8 February, 2019 – EFAS Advanced Specimen Lab Course – Barcelona, Spain


30-31 May, 2019 - EFAS Advanced Ankle Arthritis Specimen Lab Course - Copenhagen, Denmark

7-5 June, 2019 – EFAS Specialty Day at the 20th EFORT Congress – Lisbon, Portugal

3-4 October, 2019 - EFAS Advanced Specimen Lab Course in Post-Traumatic Deformities: Surgery of The Next Level" - Maastricht, Netherlands

21-22 November, 2019 - 21th EFAS Basic Instructional Course and Specimen Lab Workshops– Krakow, Poland

6-7 December, 2019 - EFAS Advanced Symposium -  Helsinki, Finland



  • 22-23 November, 2018, Barcelona (Spain), 20th EFAS Instructional Course & Basic Cadaver Workshops:PROGRAMME
  • 7- 8 JUNE, 2018, Copenhagen (Denmark), 9th EFAS Advanced Cadaver Course: PROGRAMME 
  • 1- 2 FEBRUARY, 2018, Barcelona (Spain), 9th EFAS Basic Cadaver Course: PROGRAMME